Special instructions for iPhone and iPad users

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In order to use UniFlex with an iPhone or iPad that uses a Lightning Connector, you’ll need to enable USB Accessories in your device’s settings. 


This is because our Lightning Nib is detected by iOS devices as a “USB Device”. This is to ensure iOS devices work correctly with our cable.

Apple introduced a feature that will lock the device’s Lightning port if your device has been unused for longer than 1 hour and this, unfortunately, prevents UniFlex from connecting after the port is disabled. The port would only become re-enabled if you were to remove and re-insert the Lightning Nib.

Since this is a software feature introduced by Apple, this inconvenience is not in our control. 

The Solution.

To ensure your UniFlex Nib can be left in your device and the cable can connect at any time, you need to enable “USB Accessories” in your device’s settings menu. 

This will prevent your iOS device from automatically disabling the Lightning port if your device has been unused for longer than an hour. 

Don’t worry, you’ll only have to do this once and the setting can be left on if you use your device with other cables.


Follow these steps:

1. Open your device's Settings page
2. Scroll down and tap
"FaceID & Passcode"
"TouchID & Passcode"
3. Scroll down and Enable "USB Accessories"
4. Insert the Lightning Nib and enjoy using UniFlex!
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